spinal tumor

In normal condition, the body cells grow, divide and form a new cell.  As the body grows, there will be an increased rate of cell growth and division, depending upon the need.  With time the cells become older; they eventually die and are replaced by the new cell formation.

When cancer occurs, the entire cell formation cycle gets collapsed.  This results in abnormal cell growth, failure of older cell replacement, and continuous new cell formation.  Actually, the older cell should die after maturing, replacing the new cells. In cancer, the older cells persist, and new cells are formed endlessly even though it is not necessary.  These additional cells get accumulated and form a tumor.


Different types of Cancer

  • Based on the specific type of cells, it is classified as follows;
    • Carcinoma: When different epithelial cells form tumors, it is referred to as carcinoma in general.  Based on the